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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  August 16, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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it gave weddings are postponed indefinitely and we will hear from the husband of a mother accused of having with them to teenage boys -- two teenage boys. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening, it is monday, august 16 p ibm -- i am maureen naylor late this afternoon the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco said same-sex marriages can not resume on wednesday as the district court judge had previously ruled instead they will remain on hold indefinitely. a three judge panel also ordered supporters and
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opponents to file legal briefs. a different prejudge panel will hear the case in early december and people who opposed proposition eight say they are disappointed but not surprised by the delay. they say their coveted that the ruling will be upheld. >> i think it's a great movement and support what is going on. i think they're going about the right way. >> that is unfortunate because i was going to marry my husband on wednesday. >> the state attorney general joined the attorneys argued against proposition eight and asking judge walker to allow same-sex marriages to go ahead and he said the ninth circuit rulings did not surprise him. >> i do not think there are in the like it here in the country so you break new ground so you have to expect that the higher court will keep the status quo until they have had a chance to
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hear the arguments and render their own opinions. >> one group supporting proposition 8 issued a statement in it the they said it made no sense to impose a radical change until all appeals are heard and the decision is clearly the right call. to view updates on the same-sex marriage case, click the tab on our homepage at it is only the first day of class for uc-berkeley law students but one professor is the target of a protest. jana katsuyama is live in berkeley tonight with the story be pulled back this protest lasted about an hour and a happen became tense with some of the protesters marched into the hall and up to the dean's office. >> at the main entrance to the
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school of law on this first day of class as dozens of anti-war activists including law students waved signs and spoke against the professor. >> the coming academic year will be full of protest events: of the university of california to fire and prosecute this man. >> these people need to be brought to justice and john should be sitting in a prison. >> reporter: the professor has been criticized for his work in the bush a administration at the office of legal counsel. he wrote memos in 2002 stating that water boarding was not tortured in the terrace suspects were not subject to the geneva convention. >> he was a legal architect of the torture policies. >> reporter: police officers stood nearby to some tense moments the protesters were asked to leave after standing
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of 70 deemed of the. >> he supports protesters but he does not support the destruction of class or to the age of students. >> some students say it's important to hear the professor's views. >> i like controversy so i am looking board to hear in his unique interpretation of it even if i did not this -- did not agree with that. >> he is facing a lot suit filed by a former detainee ended june that they heard his request to dismiss the case. >> the team has made it clear message outside body like the department of justice has spelled wrong doing by the professor and his colleagues at the office of legal counsel that he has the right to teach your. >> we try to contact the professor but have not heard back from him and paid today's
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protest was not the first time and they made it clear this would not be their last time protesting. reporting live, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. in san francisco this was the first day of the new school year and there was a help worried about the threat of a whopping cough. there is a letters said the 02 parents and parents are told to keep their children at home and 81 between the ages of 18 and 64 who interact with children is the urge to get a booster vaccination. the man of accused of sexually assaulting the wouldn't meet his first court appearance today. the 22-year-old man is charged with one count of, to turn this attempted and one count of burglary. he has been identified by victims and dna links him to one of the case is pretty his bill is set at almost full
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plate $5 million. he will enter -- almost $2.5 million he will enter bail. outside the courthouse her husband spoke publicly about the case for the first time. >> reporter: christine hubbs entered the courtroom today, was in serious. a marked difference from her of paris last week when she broke down appears. >> she is in a protected place with this media circus going on i did not like to have any click in jail but it is not a bad place. >> the 42-year-old mother of three seduce her daughter's 14- year-old boy friend in december 2008 and carried on a sexual
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relationship. the mother reported her suspicions after she found a new photo. in the course of that investigation they found another 15 year old dictum. hubbs did not enter a plea today and per lawyer says he and the prosecutor are exchanging evidence. >> it is allowed in permission to go through and you can tell by what i have already received. i will have to pick up more christine hubbs' husband, a private dentists was their best to support his wife. >> my kids are hanging tough i will tell you that. >> how are you doing? >> i.e. do we okay. >> reporter: christine hubbs is also facing misdemeanor charges and will enter a plea to all of the charges september 3rd. christian kaplan, ktvu channel 2 news. police and looking for the
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two men that attempted to rob a cell phone store. at least two had one of them to jump over the counter and demanded money but they it ran with the police took out his gun. he fired several shots at the bid is not clear if either or both were hit. the did the police was injured. fire officials ruled out arson as the possible cause of a fire that destroyed the post office. investigators say it that the fire appears to be started by a mechanical or electrical failure. reported saturday evening in the attic. the fire caused $1.5 million in damage there is no word on how much mail was lost but most had been transferred to a distribution center hours before the fire. a deadly weekend crash in the mojave desert is a raising
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questions safety procedures. the accident killed eight spectators and, indeed, the that injured 12 others. a race driver took a job at a high speed and when he hit the brakes that truck flipped over into a crowd of spectators. you can see they were standing next to the course and there were no barriers. they're looking into the crash and the bureau of land management says it will review safety procedures. police are the stated the death of a 19-year-old man who fell from a moving suv. it happened early this morning a few minutes after a big bite. police say the teenager identified as tested deyoung was of him -- as justin deyoung tried to jump on a slew of would-be suv and slipped and fell. they believe that he was killed by another vehicle that hit him. >> we are not assured. you will not know until an
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autopsy to figure out whether it was the folly -- falling off for the car hitting him. >> it does not appear that alcohol or drugs were involved. a man apparently drowned in the hope it american kidded bridges before 2:00 p.m. he was jumping off a ledge but he did not reach its. the victim is said to be 27 years old and authorities say he may have been drinking. the pond is some 30 feet deep. the president is on a campaign to progress economy. >> the economy is the growing. a year-and-a-half ago we were
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losing jobs every month for the private sector and we have now added private-sector jobs for seven months in a row. >> he is now in southern california tonight for he began his trip at the company that makes power systems using renewable energy produced scheduled to visit, california,, washington state, ohio and florida to raise money for democratic candidate before returning to the white house wednesday. on wall street stocks barely regained their for beans. the dow closed a point lower in the nasdaq gained eight-point. it was the second lightest of the year. >> many are calling it nothing short of a miracle. coming up on bay area news at 7:00, the crash landing that left a passenger jet in three pieces and serve fibers scurried to safety. an emotional first day of class for students at what the south bay on the two school damaged by fire. a little bit warmer today across parts of the bay area.
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we have mostly clear skies and fog is increasing and that will have an impact on tomorrow's forecast..
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>> it has been called a miracle. that is where a boeing 737 landed short of the runway and broke into three pieces on the island of san andreas. 131 people were on board and all but one survived and only five had injuries severe enough to require medical treatment. eight americans were on board and there is no word whether any of them were among the injured pretty investigators are trying to determine if the trade was -- if the plan was struck by lightning. the start test results
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showed students improved by ten points in verbal skills and oh on average from the previous year. public school officials say its the eighth year in a row that scores have gone up. to see results go to the oh section on big individual results are only available to parents but this didn't's schools. thousands of students had back to school today. a fire that was apparently spent deliberately destroyed classroom. >> families of right and spent the first few minutes looking around since many have been worried there would be no first day at this campus. the surprise was understandable this was the scene when a fire ripped through the building that housed the first and second grade classrooms. >> we were surprised that it
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has only been four weeks. >> today those classes were held in portable buildings. are not ideal accommodations but everyone we talked to said it's much better than having students and teachers separated john flowers says his daughter is rejuvenated. >> she was up all night long debated the car. >> reporter: four teachers lost classrooms and feelings were mixed. >> even though no one died the fire teachers went through phases of grief. >> they have rallied for the rescue of this school and has been remarkable. >> reporter: that seems to be the consensus with the day ended. >> we have 30 kids in a class i think it's a nice size. >> it was a little chaotic but i think the move was positive. >> it pulled together better than i would have expected to treat the tragedy this. >> reporter: is easier to put
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that tragedy behind to? >> absolutely people that the arson investigation continues in the district has formed a task force for the rebuilding which expected to take them two years appeared in san jose, robert handa. a bone marrow donor has been found. the sergeant has already had radiation treatment and there is no word on who is providing the bone marrow that is a perfect match but the president says the match did not come from any of a five footer people who registered last month to read the bone marrow drive. there is more trouble to write for actor mel gibson. a spokesman says the actor is okay and doing fine. they say it said was -- mel
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gibson was not drunk but did not know how his car drove off a roadside be he has been the headlines because of a bitter custody battle. a new gate along with their machines are being tested at the busy civic center stations. they will be able to start using the new equipment next month and systems should be in place by a october. $11 million helped speed the improvement. >> the city as to what has launched a buyer mentally, does website pretty city's environment department has created the website that grades 100 products in terms of how green bay are. it was designed as a guide for internal use but members of the public can be its as well. it lists hundreds of products
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including environmentally safe light bulbs. there are lots of police about seafood safety and the impact of the oil spill blowout bid health and science editor john fowler reports. >> we found in seafood lovers and easy. >> not too happy about that. i'm sure it's not help the people that many said that they would not buy a gulf shrimp. >> if i don't know, that i did not know. >> i didn't think it would allow it to be sold if it was not safe for the public. >> reporter: the scientist says the gulf spill is on target waters. that battle is known about the effects of oil and dispersants on sea life. >> and those particles are narrow spread far and wide and starting to make their way into
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the food chain. the data on the money tree from the gulf has not been as publicly available as it should be. >> reporter: in nervous comity what is this survey because a tainted seafood could hurt the industry for years to come. >> the fact is i think is a lot of oil is still out there. we think there needs to be continuous, the trade. >> reporter: and cool presidents who have been exposed for months. >> the scientific literature and its out there on the health effects of whittle's bills. >> reporter: the national institutes of health will release a detailed log curb steady and they plan to enroll as many as 20,000 gulf fishermen as well as their families john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. the 14 letters at a new
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when a back to their roster. they signed the 30-year-old. he played just eight games last season because of concussion related injuries. the niners had a need for another birdie back after the previous had announced his retirement from the fpl on private -- nfl on friday. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 print the story you cannot help but get a kick out of. and if this cooler weather works for you, there is more in store. [ male announcer when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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the next generation of does. >> take a look at this spectacular sights in the south bay today. the ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus opens today and the elephants made the traditional walk through the city streets. they made a mile long journey to the hp pavilion. it the first show is scheduled for wednesday night. most of us in the south bay are letting this weather. >> if you move a couple inches you can feel the differences in
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temperatures. already the low clouds and fog pushing back into the bay. as you can see now on live stormtracker 2 it read a few breaks that you can put -- a few breaks that you can pick up on the satellite. that trend will continue with increasing fog over the next few hours and we can show you this across the bay san francisco bank definitely bring a sweater out there. the temperature is right around 56 degrees. we warmed up in a little bit today. if you lower 90s for fear field and antioch. the weather story is this with bob increasing over right. we had more cooling in the five
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day forecast. the nomura ladies, the warmest locations will be around 85 -- no more 90s and wind speeds pick up to 52 rev 25 miles per hour. as you can see the wording is in place with the system moving up to our north and that will increase by year danger. that red flag warning is for the north of the bay area. clouds of the morning and possibly some drizzle and there is the temperature range from 62 at 8 5 degrees. morgan hill is at 85 degrees. looking ahead a little bit of a bump in the road on thursday cooling off by the weekend. >> thank you, mark. members of the world-
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renowned reduce city rockettes stopped by today and are promoting their radio city christmas spectacular. it is coming to the bay area for the first time ever and will play in 20 cities. that is our report tonight. our coverage continues on tmz is up next right here on tv36. have a great night.
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